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Why NectarChat?

Messages can be send across platforms such as Android and IOS. In the backend process, NectarChat has been developed with XMPP protocol and implemented on the Openfire XMPP server. You get your app in your own brand name.

100% source code

We give you the entire source code along with the application script. It can be further customized according to your business.

One time payment

A single time investment on purchasing the script is all that you need to develop your own instant chat application.

Free installation

The installation of the developed script on your server, is done freely giving you extra benefits in owning the app.

Professional support

We also provide you continuous support, after you purchase the script for any query or concern that you may face.

Single chat

Send messages or chat with NectarChat. The app has been developed using XMPP protocol. It allows you to instantly send and receive messages to a contact anywhere in the world. NectarChat runs on Openfire XMPP server.

It permits an user to share moments, through text messages. A perfect medium to instantly chat one-on-one, regardless of the distance between you and the receiver.


Group chat

The Openfire XMPP server used in NectarChat enables fast communication between groups. Chat or instantly share files with a group of people through the group chat option in the app.

Share pictures, videos and audio instantly, with a group of your contacts. Let your voice be made clear in the group. The transfer of texts and files made easy with the use of XMPP protocol in the development of app.

Audio share

Like a song? Share it! Let your contacts listen to audio files that you found interesting. Record those live sounds and let your contacts hear them, despite being far away. Transfer those audio waves within seconds!

Video share

Let your friends and group members see the world through your eyes. Capture videos of interesting incidents in front of you and share it immediately. You may also share videos downloaded from the internet or from gallery.

Location share

The app takes you to Google Maps, to reveal your current location. You can then share it with your contacts, to let them know of your whereabouts. Your contacts too can share their locations with you


Contact share

Know a number and wish to share it with someone else? NectarChat makes this process, as easy as a single click. You can introduce one contact to another, without the two of them actually meeting each other.

Click & Share

Click a pic and share it instantly. With NectarChat, there is no longer a need to browse your gallery and attach a picture that you need to share. Instant sharing of pictures made simple with NectarChat!

Image share

Snap those special moments of your life and share it anyone, anywhere. Let others see the beauty of what you witnessed. All it takes for you is to use the option of image share in NectarChat.

Audio call

Give a call to any of your contact at rock-bottom prices. Share your voice with loved ones, with perfect clarity in your voice. NectarChat audio call works on VOIP (Voice over internet protocol). With perfect sound clarity.



A message sent to you or a call you received but did not answer, will no longer go unnoticed. Get notified each time a contact sends you a text message, or a file. Keep a track of everything, no matter how busy or occupied you are. Be alerted through an particular tone of your choice.



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Namaste Chat is a messaging app available for Smart Phones. Namaste Chat uses your phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to message friends and family. Use Namaste Chat to send and receive messages, photos, videos, and Voice Messages.
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