Why is WhatsApp so popular?

WhatsApp! That is a very common term given that everyone who uses a smart-phone will surely have a WhatsApp messenger installed. Just to remind the reader, WhatsApp is not some sort of software or business application. It is simply an instant-messenger app, which allows users to chat, share files and even place video call, for almost free! Barring charges of using the internet, you can be in touch with anyone across the world, for no cost.

But hey! There currently are a number of other instant messaging apps which serve the same purpose, with some examples being Viber, WeChat and Kik. So why do people still prefer WhatsApp? What makes it so popular? Let us find out:

  • The first! WhatsApp was the very first instant chat messenger to be released. No one can beat that. It already had many followers from the beginning data, while others just joined the crowd.

  • Simple identity: Using WhatsApp is very simple. You need nothing else other than your phone number. No username nor password. Your number cannot be forgotten, can it?

  • Multi-platform usage: It works equally well on androids, smart-phones and tablets. And get this right. WhatsApp is now even supported on desktops!

  • Available for free: Regardless of what a user’s license says, WhatsApp is still available for free. All you need to do is to download it to your device. Everyone love “free” right?

  • Free from ads: One use WhatsApp just to chat or share files with friends. This popular instant-chat app does not spoil the atmosphere with any ads.

  • Reliable service: Use WhatsApp and you can be ensured that your messages get delivered, no matter the destination of the receiver.

  • Reputation: It has been a while since WhatsApp has been in the market and millions are satisfied with it. So why should anyone opt for anything else?

You may not be able to create a better instant messaging app. But how about developing a WhatsApp clone? All the application’s features, yet remaining yours?

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