Take an overview of NectarChat

Did you hear? Technoduce Info Solutions has released a new instant chat application that is similar to the popular WhatsApp. You can now chat with your own chat app in your own brand name. Chat with contacts, share files with them and even phone calls through the app. So you may ask, what is different in this? Don’t all instant chat apps do the same thing? Well, NectarChat gives you more. It can be yours with the complete source-code.

What does this mean?

With the complete source code, you can customize NectarChat to suit your individual taste and preference. An instant chat application that looks like you want it to, carries the logo of your company, as well form a medium of communication only between your employees. How does that sound? You can have an instant chat application unique to your brand!

What are the features of NectarChat?

Single Chat – Connect instantly with friends or relatives who are miles away. Chat with them and share thoughts, along with important updates. It is free!

Group Chat – Get engaged in group conversations with a bunch of contacts located anywhere in the world. It can be even used for professional purposes. Hold company meeting through NectarChat!

Image Share – Share those captured moments instantly with friends, peers and relatives. Let them also admire the pictures that caught your interest.

Audio Share – Need your contacts to hear an important audio file? Simply share it through NectarChat. Share your audio files more distant and fast than sound itself!

Video Share – Let your contacts see what you have seen with a simple sharing of your videos. Distances and time zones do not matter with NectarChat.

Share Location – Let the world know of your current location, with NectarChat’s Share Location feature. The app is synchronized with Google Apps to let the users of NectarChat know of each one’s location.

Share Contacts – Business deals can be fixed by instant sharing of contacts. On a more personal level, new relationships can also be created using NectarChat.

Audio Call – The best part is you can audio calls using Nectarchat for almost free of cost! Pay only the minimal net-rates that are normally charged for the use of instant chat application.

Notification – Receive notifications, each time your contact calls, chats or shares a file with you. A ring tone alerts you so that you do not miss anything.

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