Misconceptions of a business chat app

Whatsapp! That name is now predominantly popular not only among the consumer public, but also for business organizations. But hey! How can an instant chat application be used in the corporate world? They are as the name signifies, used for chatting right?

Wrong! Such applications serve many more purposes, especially if they are used for commercial ventures. In fact, a instant chat app generates profits for a business, in addition to keeping them in touch with customers. Several online brands now use popular chat applications such as Whatsapp and WeChat, as mediums of marketing. Let us take a look at some of the most popular misconceptions of a business chat app:

  • Used for chatting only

The first misinterpretation! Do not compare a business chat app to social media sites such as Facebook or a normal chat app like Whatsapp. Get this straight. You do not use a business chat app for merely lame chats or for sharing viral information with contacts. What about transferring crucial data related to business? Instant messages can be send and any sort of data can be shared instantly with the right person.

  • Security

This is a misnomer. A business chat app is not same as an instant messaging app. It actually is a software or script that can be used to develop your own unique chat application. The information passed through the final app is totally private and remains secure from introspection by any third party. You can be assured of the confidentiality of important business information that is passed through the app.

  • Not for profit

This could a big question in the minds of every business person. Can a business chat app help you gain profits? Yes! It boosts the effectiveness and speed in decision making at your company. Naturally, higher opportunities are generated for sales, yielding large volumes of profits. It can be certified that an unique chat application software for a business can bring in huge return on investment!

  • Pricing

Believe it; a business chat app can be made your own for a lesser price. Every business needs an investment, and purchasing the script of a business chat app will be your investment. Several instant chat app scripts are available, which contain all ready-made features to boost productivity of your business. The cost is comparatively much lesser, taking into account the high ROI your business is going to get.

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