How chat app can be used in colleges?

To begin with, what is Nectarchat? It is basically an instant chat application very similar to the well-known Whatsapp. One can chat with contacts and share multimedia files with each other. So what is the big deal? How can it be useful for colleges? Won’t it in fact deviate the students’ attention away from the curriculum?

Importance of having chat app for colleges –

It runs on independent servers and can be done so on the sever of any particular college. In this way, college staff cannot share messages to the outside world, and vice versa. Besides, all their messages can be viewed by an admin, who is preferably in the faculty or the management of that college. That is the unique quality of owning chat app from NectarChat.

In addition to the privacy of messages and files shared through your own chat app can be used for several purposes of the college. Sudden announcements can be made instantly through the app, making sure grabs the attention of every member. It is a real time process which is active, as long as the devices are connected to the internet.

Use for staff and students

All updates about events or change in policies, curriculum and plans can be shared amongst the staff in seconds. Incidentally, this works the same for students as well. There is no longer a need to issue circulars or organize meetings at the last moment, to get the message across. Moreover, students and the staff can also interact, clearing any doubts instantly.

To put it together, use of chat application for colleges will be:

  1. Link between the Principal and teachers of the college: The principal as well as the management of the college can instantly interact and share updates with teachers. All teachers can be kept in the loop regarding information as to the events and other matters concerning the college. Such updates can shared on the public space of your own chat app even if it is a holiday.

  2. Invitations can be send for any meeting: The instant chat application of WhatsApp has proven that people remain hooked to their mobile devices, no matter where they are or whatever the time. Similarly ensures that invitations reach the attention of all the staff and students. Similarly the response will be immediate, listing the attendees to the event.

  3. Multimedia files can shared among teachers: Images of special events, as well as important documents relating to the curriculum can be shared through instant chat in any format. That’s not all! The current location of one teacher or member of the chat group can be made visible to others using the application. Subject matter can be discussed in seconds!

Contrary to the widely believed notion, an instant chat application provided from NectarChat can be very productive for colleges as well. It is the modern form of communication between all members in a college; they be students, staff or even the management. Important files, as well as urgent messages can be shared, without anyone intruding into your privacy.

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