Contribution of WhatsApp to medical sector

The advancement in technology has also increased the reach of the public to excellent health-care services. There are very few illnesses that still do not have a medical cure for them. However, a medicine is just a tool, whereas a doctor is the craftsman. A lot of responsibilities lie on his or her shoulder. There may be times, while a surgeon is in the operation theatre for an emergency, and certain details aren’t available!

A single message on an instant messenger such as WhatsApp can make all the difference. The surgeon’s colleagues, will be able to share important data, statistics or other information related to the patient. Receipt of such crucial information without any delay in such a situation, could save a life! In addition, important updates can be shared between all the staff at a healthcare unit.

The advantages that would arise from health-care unit or hospital using WhatsApp professionally, is numerous. Patients also on their parts can interact directly with medical practitioners. The unnecessary visits to medical practitioners for light illnesses such as the common cold or headaches can be avoided. Details of the patient such as age and records of prior illnesses can be shared on such social messengers.

Even pictures of rashes or external wounds can be shared on this medium, so that doctors can diagnose the problem. This avoids piling of patients at the doctor’s place, wherein no-one may be able to receive the complete attention of doctors. Now, imagine the context where an application similar to WhatsApp, Viber or Skype is developed solely for the healthcare industry?

Perhaps, that will mark the next revolution in the IT sector.

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