A chat app for an IT company

Didn’t you hear the latest business news? Using chat apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and WeChat has become a necessity for the members of an IT company now. In fact, a lot of productivity is achieved by using instant chat apps for the internal communication between employees. Employees can even be in direct contact with clients!

So how will that work? You may have doubts on what is new about this in a fast paced world. An IT organization especially invests or rather is immersed for a whole day in technology! They can send emails, chat online or simply even place calls to pass information. So why ‘also’ use an instant messaging app? The answer to your question lies in its name; for ‘instant messaging‘.

Be it for communication in between employees, or to even stay connected with clients; an instant messaging app can solve a lot of problems. Special notices or circulars to the members of your organization can be passed instantly and accurately. An instant app serve the purpose of having more clarity with clients, while completing any project.

Any query or sharing updates with clients, can be made immediately through instant chat apps used by a business. Be practical. You may not be able to phone the client for each and every trivial matter. Take for example, an IT company that designs websites and web applications for overseas clients. According to the contract provided, the website has to be posted ‘live’ by the end of the week.

But you have doubts on minor issues such as which color to use, or the general template of the site. Could you keep phoning the client for this? Moreover, immediate responses cannot be expected from emails. So the other option? Use an instant chat app to always remain with clients!

But hey, there may be concerns about the security of such apps. What if it falls in the wrong hands? A dissatisfied employee using the official instant chat app of an organization, may be able to spoil business right? He or she can contact your clients through the chat app and share false information about your company.

Well, no! These chat apps can be further customized for your company. Roles can be assigned, which makes specific members, admins of the app. The CEO and CTO of the company, along with perhaps the Project Manager can hold all the access. They can view, edit and update all the content shared on the app. The Team leaders and others and other employees can be assigned limited access.

In conclusion, an instant chat application can improve the prospects of your business, through clear and concise communication. So do you need any other reason? Go, chat your way through business!

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